Nearly one hundred years. That’s how long it takes for us to forget who we are. That’s how long it takes for any semblance of how we used to live, think, and die to be extinguished. Problems that were once grouped into politics and controversy have become grounded in survival. Laws no longer govern people and only fear is guaranteed safe travel across the wastes.

The Earth was once a thriving place. The populace was concerned with environmental issues, political relationships, the welfare of the less fortunate, and were fed lies from the media to frighten the masses. The reality was much more docile. While governments did lie to their people and corruption was present, the ideals and intentions were pure. Things had gotten so easy for the masses, that they almost needed the lies to give themselves something to worry about. The United States had spent over 250 of the final years as a world power and, with the help other world powers, had achieved much of what had been dreamed of at the creation of the nation. The creation of a nation that was inspired be thousands of years of philosophy, science, and civil rights. A nation that would lead the rest of the world down the same road of advancement that allowed the greatest minds from each nationality to truly bring the world to the pinnacle of achievement and it seemed as if there was no end in sight. Yet the people of the world were afraid of war that seemed ever on the horizon.

Nearly one hundred years. That’s how long it took to forget it all. That’s how long after it was all taken away for it to became clear that it would all just have to start over.

The Memory of a Lost World

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