The Memory of a Lost World

The Journal of Wasteland Wanderers II

The Search for the Seven Seals Begins...

Finding that book and killing Khazad turned out to be just the beginning for this vagabond group of misfits. After trudging their way back to Wamat they were met with opposition. A group of bandits not unlike what they’ve had to deal with in their journey up until this point. What was strange about this confrontation wasn’t the fight itself, but rather what happened immediately afterward.

A man calling himself Mike walked through the door rather impressed with the party. He made them an offer that was difficult to refuse. Clearly very wealthy against the desolate wasteland that was the world, it looked like he could easily fulfill his end of the bargain. Equipment and wealth beyond their wildest dreams. They need only survive his first trial; the first of his tasks. And so the party drove to the nearby mountains and clamored through the dungeons therein only to find a key. Quick thinking brought the ancient book back into focus for the first time in weeks. The key fit the book, but it did not open. Instead seven seals appeared on the book, one already alight and a second began to glow. Then the seals disappeared again.

Since then, the party has been given a list of five more locations, the nearest of which is Ra-isa’s hometown; New Orleans. On the way there, however, a shadowy figure was spotted watching the party as they rested. Approaching the figure revealed a young woman with solid black hair. Only briefly did she allow herself to be seen before running down the exit into Atlanta, Georgia unable to be captured. This is when the party seems to finally have some common goal; to find this woman… why that is, though, remains to be seen…



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