The Memory of a Lost World

The Journal of Wasteland Wanderers


The developing world came to a screeching halt nearly one hundred years ago. The thriving world has deteriorated into a desolate wasteland of scattered civilization where survival takes precedence over politics. Since then, Generation Zero (as they’ve taken to calling themselves) has slowly been dying out whether it be by old age, by murder, or by starvation. Only a few Generation Zero members remain and it is easy to tell who they are by the twisted scarring present on their bodies.

Magic is gone. Not only is it gone, the general belief that it ever existed has disappeared and been replaced with superstitions. The belief systems of the world have become chaotic and inconsistent as much of what was believed to be true in the old world only has a shadow in the new world. There is no unity, there is no individuality, there is no complacency. Small would be civilizations have sprung up all over the world but none with hope on influence. What’s stranger still, no one knows why it happened and any hope of figuring that out is dying with Generation Zero.

The party is a group of wasteland wanderers doing what they must to survive on the wastes, but each travels for their own reasons and their own objectives. What they might not realize, however, is just how similar those objectives might be…



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