The Memory of a Lost World

The Journal of Wasteland Wanderers
Finding the Book

A small town in would-be-Tennessee is where the small group of Wanderers finally meet one another, a town known as Wamat by its inhabitants, so named by the largest building still standing in the town now missing a few letters. The centerpiece of which is known as the Supercenter and is generally used as a trading hub for outsiders and inhabitants alike. Judging by the happy-go-lucky town goers and openness to outsiders, the town was likely recently settled under the impression that ‘everything is awesome’.

While browsing the Supercenter, the party members heard strange rumors floating around the locals that a mysterious stranger was present in the town calling out for the help of any wanderers looking to get their hands on some valuables. Brittany Ringling, clearly not being one to pass up money or, god forbid, a challenge made his way straight for the local hotel that had been transformed into a rundown inn and tavern. Following not far behind him was Saffron Zoraida, the mysteriously shady wanderer who seemed ill equipped for the wasteland but still manages to carry herself in some confidence, Anselm of Endeline and her pet cat Eranu who seemed overly withdrawn and strangely distant with everyone except Saffron, and Ra’isa Valcour who, though less arrogantly than Brittany, was next in line to see some wealth. After a brief exchange of words between Brittany and the mysterious stranger, a deal was struck that the two would go for it alone, but the others quickly fell in suit. After introducing himself as Khazad Morunghul, the party was on their way.

Not long after making it into Nashville, Brittany felt the need to show off his martial prowess to the rest of the party which involved firing a gun. The noise attracted the attention of the local radiation possessed zombie-like creatures and they were attacked. After a grueling fight, the group continued until they made it to the AT&T building. They carefully fought and maneuvered their way up 11 stories of the building half-alive and finally found the stash they were looking for. After cracking the safe, the group went through their loot and divided it accordingly. While everyone seemed pleased with the take, Khazad still seemed disappointed. After explaining that he was hoping to find a specific book in the safe, Ra’isa suddenly decides to search another room immediately adjacent to the room in which the safe was found. On the shelf was an ancient looking tome with a rusty lock holding it closed. After a brief attempt to unlock the book, Khazad walked through the door with his rifle raised. Almost as if he had changed completely and threatened to kill the group for the book. After Brittany raised his guns to Khazad’s head, the fight began…

The Journal of Wasteland Wanderers

The developing world came to a screeching halt nearly one hundred years ago. The thriving world has deteriorated into a desolate wasteland of scattered civilization where survival takes precedence over politics. Since then, Generation Zero (as they’ve taken to calling themselves) has slowly been dying out whether it be by old age, by murder, or by starvation. Only a few Generation Zero members remain and it is easy to tell who they are by the twisted scarring present on their bodies.

Magic is gone. Not only is it gone, the general belief that it ever existed has disappeared and been replaced with superstitions. The belief systems of the world have become chaotic and inconsistent as much of what was believed to be true in the old world only has a shadow in the new world. There is no unity, there is no individuality, there is no complacency. Small would be civilizations have sprung up all over the world but none with hope on influence. What’s stranger still, no one knows why it happened and any hope of figuring that out is dying with Generation Zero.

The party is a group of wasteland wanderers doing what they must to survive on the wastes, but each travels for their own reasons and their own objectives. What they might not realize, however, is just how similar those objectives might be…


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